About Us

Built on a Firm Foundation

Our growth stems from a rich history and heritage.

In 1920, Aboitiz and Company officially became a corporation. With a hundred years of success, it continues to strengthen its name and reputation through businesses that contribute to nation building: power distribution, infrastructure, banking, food production, shipbuilding, construction, and land development.

As the Real Estate Arm of Aboitiz Equity Ventures, we were launched as ACOLand in 1992 and later became AboitizLand in 2001.

Driven by a culture grounded on integrity, quality, trust, and fairness, we continue to deliver innovative concepts translated to thriving residential, commercial, and industrial communities.

More than three years ago, we made a commitment to go national through integrated communities that see growth and potential. Now, we're making it happen.

Ensuring Quality Homes for Filipinos

AboitizLand is commited to enhancing the quality of Filipino living.

To achieve this, we build communities that merge value and sustainability -- ensuring the developments would still be available for future generations to cherish and enjoy.

To Create Better Ways to Live

AboitizLand's exceptionally-planned communities are rooted in our New Urbanism principle.

This philosophy puts value in both natural and manmade enviroments. Combining these two settings is essential to elevate the quality of life of our residents.

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